The F.R.E.S.H. Project - Shawano Farmers Market is excited to continue our Certified Local Vendor Program.

We plan to continue to utilize the “Certified Local Vendor” program. This program is meant to encourage and promote vendors who grow their own products locally. Vendors who choose to participate in the program must sign a pledge and demonstrate that the items they sell at our market are produced by them and that the product is grown within a 100 mile radius of Shawano, Wisconsin. Board members and volunteers visit the participating vendor’s growing site(s) and make a good faith effort to confirm that the vendor is growing the produce they sell at the market.

Customers will be able to identify which vendors are certified by looking for a laminated sign at the vendor stands. Vendors who qualify will have a certificate, with The F.R.E.S.H. Project - Shawano Farmers Market logo on it, posted at their stand stating they sell “Certified Locally Grown Product”.

Reasons to buy from a Certified Local Vendor:

  • Local Produce is better for your health. Food that is grown locally is fresher and fresher food means more nutritious food. Food loses nutrients gradually after it is harvested and the longer it sits in transport the more nutrients are lost.

  • Local Produce supports our local economy. Money stays here with your friends, neighbors and 100% secure and confidential payday loans online.

  • Local Produce is better for the environment. Shorter transportation distances means less energy consumption and less pollution. Also, many of the small local growers use more environmentally friendly growing practices than large corporate farms.