Today’s flock is made up of Hampshire and Suffolk sheep; breeds known for their flavorful and tender meat. Our lambs are finished on a corn-based diet to bring out the tastiest lamb flavor possible. Five Star lambs do not receive hormones or stimulants. This is the first chapter of the Five Star Lamb story, but we are expecting more chapters. Roy and Lacey are excited to have their kids showing lambs and continuing the tradition of breeding high quality lambs that win shows and taste great!

The Five Star Lamb story started with a 4-H sheep project in 1991. Doug Wilson bought his son Roy a lamb to show at the Shawano County Fair. Roy kept showing and the flock kept growing. Roy graduated from 4-H and Doug started looking for more kids to show lambs. This is when Mike Bohm’s kids and Terri Dallas’ kids started showing lambs. At the end of each show season the kids would sell their award- winning lambs to family and friends who enjoyed eating lamb as much as the kids enjoyed showing lambs.

Fast forward to 2015, the kids were done showing but the flock, Corner View Club Lambs, kept growing. Today, the majority of the lambs are still sold to 4-H kids with the balance sold to Five Star Lamb, a business venture between Doug, Mike, Terri, Roy and his wife Lacey.

Five Star Lamb sells freezer lambs (whole or half) or retail cuts available at the farm or Saturdays at the Green Bay or Shawano Farmer’s Markets. If you’ve traveled on Highway 29, between Shawano and Bonduel, you’ve probably seen our ewes grazing on the pasture.

Meet our Vendor - Five Star Lamb