How does it work?

About 8 volunteers are needed every Market Saturday to carry out a variety of critical duties that include set-up and tear-down operations, market information table, activity/events volunteer, and Civic Center bathroom monitors.

Read about the full crop of market-day volunteer job descriptions HERE.


To join our volunteer database, SIGN UP HERE.

NOTE: We respect your privacy and will never share your information with any sources outside of our market operations.


What happens once I join the volunteer database?

WELCOME! You’ll receive a weekly “Call for Volunteers” email that lists the job slots and shifts available for the upcoming Saturday. If you can commit to volunteer that Saturday, “reply to” with your preferred duty and shift commitment. If you can’t volunteer that Saturday, no problem! Just ignore the email, and we’ll try again the following week! After you “reply to” with your preferred duty and shift preference, you’ll receive a confirmation email, as well as other detailed information to help you successfully fulfill your specific job responsibilities for that particular Saturday.

Can my non-profit group get involved with the market?

Certainly. We provide one vendor booth each week for a local non-profit group - such as a service club or community organization. To schedule a weekend or check availability, please contact our non-profit coordinator George Maglio by e-mail at  View our non-profit schedule HERE.

Can my music group perform at the market?

We welcome our local musicians with open arms at the Shawano Farmers Market. Although you get no pay, we do place a tip jar out for you, and you might even get some veggies handed to you by nearby vendors! Please contact our musician coordinator Nathan Falk to schedule or check availability by e-mail at  View our music schedule HERE.

I have a family activity I'd like to propose for the market - who do I talk to?

We strive to provide family-friendly activities for each market Saturday. Our past events have included a dog show, sidewalk chalk art, make-and-take kites, a magician, reading events, and more! Are you or your club or organization willing to help provide family fun for our patrons? If so, please contact our activity coordinator via e-mail at  View our activity schedule HERE.


Volunteering at the Shawano Farmers Market is a fun, interactive way to give back to the community by supporting local farmers, producers, and artisans, while educating market visitors about healthy eating habits, good nutrition, and the benefits of “shopping fresh and shopping local.”

Volunteers are essential to make our market successful and to provide the best customer service. We depend on our volunteers on so many levels to help provide the best market experience possible! Whether you’re interested in serving on one of our committees, performing as a volunteer musician or group of musicians, or you’d rather help out on market-day Saturdays, we've got the perfect spot for you!

Overview of volunteer program: